Enjoy the water well insured with your own jet ski? The Indumar jet ski insurance makes that possible. We are the specialist in insurance for vessels and thanks to our extensive expertise, we can even offer you our own tailor-made water sports policy. Because no matter how experienced you are as a jet ski pilot, an accident is not always foreseeable and then you had better go on the water well insured.

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Jet ski insurance with Indumar

With the specialized water sports insurance of Indumar, the own damage of the owner of the jet ski is covered in case of unforeseeable accidents. This could be due to human error, weather damage, break-ins, theft or breakages of materials.

But this policy can be extended according to your own wishes.

If you bring a passenger or someone else uses your jet ski, the Indumar jet ski insurance can also cover that person in case of accidents. In addition, there is a free supplement in our policy: we insure the trailer of your jet ski in the hull cover up to 5000 EUR

The civil liability of the Indumar jet ski insurance covers damage caused to third parties.

And we are available 24/7 via our exclusive emergency number+32 491 76 11 63.

Legal assistance jet ski insurance

Legal assistance with the sailing yacht insurance covers the insured against legal and contractual disputes about or when using the vessel. 

Because we want to avoid conflicts of interest with Indumar, we always place this legal assistance insurance with an external company.

Why Indumar?

Waarom Indumar?

  • Small family firm with extensive experience in the sailing world
  • Fully specialised: we only offer water sports insurance 
  • We have our own policy! 
  • Always available on our unique emergency number: +32 491 76 11 63

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